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Top Fashion - Armani 2015 Fall-Winter AD Compaign

The Armani series designed by him always keep pace with global fashion trends. He is also famous for using new materials and creating high quality products. His design combined both fashion trend and traditional elements.

Giorgio Armani released its latest 2015 Fall-Winter AD Compaign, modelled by Vittoria Ceretti, and filmed by Sølve Sundsbø. In front of the smoky background, Vittoria worn classic Armani, and presenting a kind of conspiracy sense.

Armani has been seeking "the casual elegance" since founded. The delicate texture and simple lines well-illustrate comfort and freedom. The simple design and cut displays the beauty of human body and strength, both abandoned the boring suit style and overturned the hippie style. Today, Armani is not just some brand, it represents a way of life, a symbol of a bold and dynamic image.