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Transformation: How did Calvin Harris went from geek to Armani a

Emporio Armani has Calvin Harris modelling its underwear compaign. It is one of the most remarkable transformations in showbiz and with Taylor Swift on his arm, things are only getting better for one of the UK's top DJs. He also shared his dramatically changing looks on Instagram. See Armani Outlet Online Store.

He has the current queen of pop as his girlfriend, a ripped physique that men envy and women love to adorn, and is the highest-paid DJ in the world with an estimated fortune of $66m (£42m). Calvin Harris may seem like the most perfect man now but, like everyone, he had some blossoming to do.

When the 31-year-old moved from his hometown of Dumfries in Scotland to the bright lights of London, the music producer blended in with the crowd sporting dark, ruffled hair, a scrawny frame and a very questionable fashion sense. Hopefully those famous bejewelled sunglasses he was often seen with never make a comeback.

Harris, real name Adam Wiles, began making a name for himself on the local London club scene and released his debut album, I Created Disco, in 2007. The record performed well on the UK charts, peaking at number 10 and garnered support from BBC Radio 1. Kylie Minogue also caught on to the DJ and enlisted him to co-write and produce two songs on her album X that same year.